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The Office shall have the following powers and duties as follows :

  • be responsible for the administrative work of the Commission and its sub-committees
  • to monitor business operators for violations of this Act and report the same to the Commission
  • to study, research, analyze, and research goods, services and working conducts in business operations, as well as to make recommendations on trends and provide opinions to promote, develop, and assist to regulate business operations
  • to establish a database on the size of goods or service markets that have a tendency to create market monopolies, as prescribed by the Commission, and make such data available to the general public;
  • to receive complaints in which a person alleges that there is a violation of this Act. Then, it shall seek all factual information and gather evidence on such complaint to a sufficient degree in order to submit that matter to the Commission. This shall be conducted in accordance with a regulation prescribed by the Commission
  • to hold a title, possessory right, or other rights in proprieties
  • to establish a right or enter into any legal act with regard to property
  • to exchange information, participate in negotiations, make an agreement and cooperate with other entities or agencies both in and outside the country with regard to matters related to the Office’s operation
  • to provide for or cooperate with other entities on training and knowledge development with regard to competition matters
  • to coordinate and cooperate with other civil service offices and government agencies relevant to the performance of duties under this Act
  • to receive fees, as prescribed by the law, as well as remunerations, service charges, or income from its operation
  • to disseminate the outcome of matters considered by the Commission to the general public
  • to produce an annual report demonstrating the results achieved and challenges met by the Commission and the Office, which shall be provided to the Cabinet and disseminated to the general public;
  • to perform duties pursuant to notifications, regulations, the Commission’s resolutions, and duties assigned by the Commission or its sub-committees;
  • to perform any other function that the law prescribes as powers and duties of the Office.
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